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The registration of organic bio-control agents (BCA) producers for their products requires testing of its efficacy through scientific field trials to support claims on the label for effectiveness, and legally and commercially market their products.  With the implementation of the Organic Agriculture Act of 2010 (RA 10068), mandating the Bureau of Agriculture and Fisheries Standards (BAFS) to be in-charge of the registration of all organic input producers, it hereby necessitates BAFS to have their own officially accredited organic agriculture researchers, specifically BCA.

The seminar workshop, held at the Hotel Tavern, Surigao City, Surigao del Norte

From 12-16 September, is aimed to facilitate transportability of efficacy data and provide uniform, simplified format with built-in advantages in record keeping, reporting of results and evaluation of data. It will also serve as a guide to researchers and registrants in adhering with the principles of validity, randomness and lack of experimental bias rather than to any rigid set of requirements. 

NCPC Researchers

The 4th batch of the Organic Agriculture Seminar Workshop for Researchers Participants

The seminar workshop was participated in by 11 participants from JOCANIMA Corp., TADECO Inc., DA-CARAGA, AKTIV Multi Trading, Lapanday Foods Corp., COAFC, Bislig and MARSMAN.                             

Most of these participants came from the private sector including BCA handlers and applicators, specifically of plantation crops as their specialization.

The first part of the event (13 September 2016) was the presentations of the Revised Philippine National Standards (PNS) on Organic Agriculture, Bio-control Agents (BCA) and the registration guidelines and procedures followed by an open forum after each presentation. Comments were raised specifically on the application of Organic Certificate from DA-BAFS Accredited Organic Certifying Bodies (OCB). Other concerns were whether BAFS requires the bio-efficacy trials to be conducted for BCA  solely in organic farms.

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The second part (14 September 2016) were lectures on sample protocol formulation on the different kinds of target crops and pest/s using BCA by BAFS TWG who served as resource persons. The presentations were patterned after the formulated module entitled, ‘Seminar-Workshop for Organic Agriculture Researchers: Requirements in the Conduct of Efficacy Tests for Organic Bio-Control Agents (BCA).

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